We are a Fair trade jewelry brand with a focus on Empowerment, Strength & Sustainability.

1) Create Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
Empowering Artisans/Small Producers in developing countries such as Nepal, India, Egypt & Cambodia in our Fair trade practices. No Child Labour or Forced Labour, Non-Discrimination, Gender Equality, & Fair Payment.

2) Transparency and Accountability
A community in which everyone has a part in the decision-making process, and we seek to move towards self-sufficiency and ownership with every individual.

3) Fair Trading Practices
Being true to our principles and our integrity, to promote fair justice in the world of Fair trade practices.

4. Payment of a Fair Price
Ethically creating fair prices for the producers, and artisans to provide a sufficient quality of living for families and individuals. No mass production and low payment.

5. Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour
No child labour or forced labour, any exploitation in this manner goes against the Fairtrade movement. Any involvement with children with the artisans and the local producers out of curiosity does not affect the childs need for play.

6. Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equality, Freedom of Association
No matter where our artists, producers, and members are situated in the world. There is no discrimination to religion, race, caste, gender, gender orientation, disability, age, and color.

7. Ensuring Good & Safe Working Conditions
Promoting comfortable, healthy, and safe working conditions. Artisans and producers have the freedom to work in their own hours, in the comfort of their own homes.

8. Providing Capacity Building
Working closely in a community with small producers to help the individuals improve their skills, production capabilities, and to empower each other in a positive working environment.

9. Promoting Fair Trade
Having the determination & passion to make a change together in promoting Fair Trade. To create a worldwide community to uplift, & to inspire one another, because the world can need a little more, not less.

10. Respect for the Environment
Using raw materials from sustainable sources such as bombshell casings from decades of war in Cambodia, recycled threads from the sewing machines, and recycled paper for packaging. Promoting sustainability whenever possible to act on climate change.


Go Groovy Collection was founded by Ivy from Vancouver, Canada. She was inspired to create a purpose-driven brand during her travels in developing countries. "I was inspired to make a difference in Empowerment, promoting Sustainability, and spreading the Fair trade movement."

Each tassel earring is carefully crafted and handmade by the women of the Himalayas. The threads are sourced from the neighbors, friends & family to reuse scraps from the sewing machine to create the long tassels.

Each brass jewelry is handcrafted from recycled bombs. The statement jewelry represents 'Hope, Inner Strength and Peace' turning violence that the country faced with decades of war, especially during the Cambodian genocide from 1975-1979 during the ruling of the Khmer Rouge.

The brand is about balancing Humanity and the Environment, & we strongly believe in reusing what we can, as well as fair working conditions for the people. Newly-made materials have a destructive impact on health & the environment, from the hooks of our earrings and the natural scratches on the statement jewelry are sourced ethically, making the world a better place.

We believe in Fair trade practices, creating fair prices for the producers and artisans to provide a sufficient quality of living for families and individuals. & definitely no mass production or overproduction to create waste or forced labor.

Go Groovy and make a difference.

Much love,
Ivy & the community